About us

We are a HACCP certified firm located in the most convenient business centre in South East Asia - Singapore, we provide professional one stop solution for premium private labelled tea sachets packing,  we customise and assist in actualising/ producing premium tea brand for the upper- mid market in tea industry, we work with tea enthusiastic individuals or parties to firm their "Beautiful Tea Idea" into a "Great Tea product".


As a tailor - made packaging company specializing in packing of premium tea leaves into tea sachets, we have strict control in both raw materials and packaging process itself. Being environmentally friendly is always at our core values, our latest packaging material is derived from plant extract and is 100% biodegradable.


Beside packaging services, we also have a premium range of leaf tea and tea blend which support those who does not have good quality of tea for private labelled sachets making. Our tea are strictly selected by our experienced tea master, many of our tea leaves are grown in farms utilizing organic plantation method. All our tea blends are natural ingredients.


We have the most advanced technique available in the world  for individual packaging of each silky tea sachet, together with our good packing capacity, we are confident to say, we can assist you in achieving a very good tea brand: With its premium in both quality and looking.


Today, with more and more parties working with us worldwide, we are happy to work hard to create more and more good quality tea brands into the market, because we deeply believe: Consumers disserve a better quality of tea, the 15 minutes of tea break/ or the 10 minutes of business chat could also be enjoyable and relaxing with a great quality in their tea.


Lets make the world a better place.